Release Notes Generator (BETA) for Rational Team Concert

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  • Generate spreadsheet of work items and their attributes that contribute to changes
    • Select two builds to compare
    • Select attributes to print
  • Run from the command line
    • Generate release notes at build time
    • Store the release notes back into RTC build

System Requirements

  • Rational Team Concert (RTC) server version 3.0 or newer
  • Read access to the project
  • Read access to the builds (Source Control)
  • Read access to the work items
  • Java JRE version 1.6+
  • Read-write access to the directory where the .jar file is located at runtime
  • The following environments were officially tested:
    • Rational Team Concert server versions
      • 5.x
      • 6.x
    • Clients operating systems
      • Windows 7, 10
      • Ubuntu 12.04.2


  • Interactive (double click the .jar file)
    • Login with your server, username and password
    • Select a project and a build definition
    • Select the first build result, then the second build result
    • Select the output Directory (Creates multiple .csv files)

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