Custom Widgets for Collaborative Lifecycle Management

Create your own custom widgets

The Open Social Gadget API (Google Gadget API) allows you to create your own data visualizations using HTML and JavaScript.

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Download the latest version for installation into your server.

Any REST or OSLC api data is available to these widgets

Installation Local to Your Server

  • Download the latest version
  • Install Dropins (Liberty)
    • Edit: INSTALL/server/liberty/servers/clm/server.xml
    • Set: dropinsEnabled=true (it is set to false as default)
    • Unzip to: INSTALL/server/liberty/servers/clm/dropins
    • Validate: https://sever:port/widgets/widgetCatalog.xml
  • Set Widget Catalog
    • Navigate: https://server:port/rm/admin
    • Click: Advanced Properties
    • Find: WidgetCatalog
    • Set: https://sever:port/widgets/widgetCatalog.xml
  • Add Widget to dashboard
    • Click: Add widget on dashboard
    • Select: RM as the report catalog
    • Pick: a widget to add
    • Configure: the settings

Single Widget Online

  • NOTE: the widgets will only work on the server where data is coming from. If you have multiple servers, be sure to use a dashboard on the server where you want to get data. If you only have a single server this shouldn't be an issue
  • On the target dashboard click add widget
  • Left hand side select "Open Social Gadget"
  • Enter the URL of the specific widget you want (See below for URLs)
  • Edit the settings of the widget to use your data

Widget Catalog Online

Dependency Graph

(SAFe Program Board)

Work Item Calendar

Widget Examples (ICE 2017)

What's New

  • Latest Release: 2019_06_21
  • Widgets now work with any context

Feature Requests

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