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We provide some customized widgets you can use with collaborative lifecycle management. Also, we provide some simple examples so you can create your own widgets. Finally, we can help you create widgets, see our services page

The Process Analyzer for Rational Team Concert helps customers to analyze and document their Rational Team Concert process. Achieving continual process improvement and generating process deliverables are a few of the benefits of using the Process Analyzer for Rational Team Concert.

  • Generate a state model of your workflows.
  • Create detailed documentation of your process in multiple formats.

The Release Notes Generator (BETA) for Rational Team Concert can generate a definitive list of work items and their attributes that contributed changes between two builds


All of our consultants have at least 10 years of experience in software engineering services. We have worked for and with various software engineering tools vendors throughout our careers. We have each helped hundreds of customers achieve their software project goals.

Contact our services group for information about pricing and availability. We are here to help your project succeed.

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