Custom Widgets for Collaborative Lifecycle Management

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Installation Local to Your Server

  • Download the latest version
  • Install Dropins (Liberty)
    • Edit: INSTALL/server/liberty/servers/clm/server.xml
    • Set: dropinsEnabled=true (it is set to false as default)
    • Unzip to: INSTALL/server/liberty/servers/clm/dropins
    • Validate: https://sever:port/widgets/widgetCatalog.xml
  • Set Widget Catalog
    • Navigate: https://server:port/rm/admin
    • Click: Advanced Properties
    • Find: WidgetCatalog
    • Set: https://sever:port/widgets/widgetCatalog.xml
  • Add Widget to dashboard
    • Click: Add widget on dashboard
    • Select: RM as the report catalog
    • Pick: a widget to add
    • Configure: the settings

Single Widget Online

  • NOTE: the widgets will only work on the server where data is coming from. If you have multiple servers, be sure to use a dashboard on the server where you want to get data. If you only have a single server this shouldn't be an issue
  • On the target dashboard click add widget
  • Left hand side select "Open Social Gadget"
  • Enter the URL of the specific widget you want (See below for URLs)
  • Edit the settings of the widget to use your data

Widget Catalog Online

Dependency Graph

(SAFe Program Board)

Work Item Calendar

Widget Examples (ICE 2017)

What's New

  • Latest Release: 2019_06_21
  • Widgets now work with any context

Feature Requests

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