Process Analyzer for Rational Team Concert

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Licensed Features

  • Detailed analysis of your RTC process
    • Project Details including membership and description
    • Each type is specified with the associated workflow image
    • States in each workflow are listed with their available actions
    • Actions in each workflow are listed with:
      • Target State, Source States, Permissions, Resolutions
    • Attributes in each type are listed with:
      • Permission, Enumeration
  • Output Formats:
  • Command Line
  • XML Override
  • User Auditing
  • Contact for information

Free Features

  • Analyze any Rational Team Concert (RTC) projects process
  • Output workflows to state model images
  • Workflow visualization based on your process
  • Use native Java graphs, or Graphviz graphs
  • State specific graphs (Graphviz only), see "Approved Business Need" below
  • Download the latest version to get access to the free features
  • Examples (from Formal Project Management Process template)
DefectIssueApproved Business Need

Command Line

(License Required)
  • Ability to analyze projects in a batch mode
  • Provides XML based formatting override to customize the output
  • Usage Details: java -jar ProcessAnalyzer_XXX.jar --help
  • Command Line Details

XML Override

(License Required)
  • Title and Subtitle can be overridden
  • Project description can have content appended
  • Type description can be added to the documents
  • Membership and Team organization can be suppressed and collapsed
  • Use the Example XML file as a template

User Auditing

(License Required)
  • Detailed list of all current membership
  • Audit trail by team
  • Audit trail by user
  • See our Example

How to Use

  • Download the latest version
  • Execute the downloaded jar
    • Windows: double click the .jar file after download
    • Linux (or if you prefer command line on Windows): on shell type
      • java -jar ProcessAnalyzer_x_x_2018_03_27.jar
  • Login to your Rational Team Concert (RTC) server (i.e. https://server:9443/ccm)
  • Select an output directory
  • Select a project from the list
  • Click Generate
  • When complete open the output directory you selected
  • Review details of processing and output in the jmi.log file
  • Please contact support with any questions at

System Requirements

  • Rational Team Concert (RTC) server version 3.0 or newer
    • Must download version matching your server version
  • User with project membership (No specific license or permissions needed)
  • Java JRE version 1.6
  • Read-write access to directory where the .jar file is located at runtime
  • Local Graphviz installation (Optional but Recommended)
  • The following environments were officially tested:
    • Rational Team Concert server versions
      • 5.0+
      • 6.0+
    • Clients operating systems
      • Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
      • Ubuntu 12.04.2

What's New

  • Latest Release: 2018_03_27
  • Added support for 6.0.5 version, Removed support for 4.x versions

Feature Requests

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